Integrating FontAwesome on watchkit

The aim of this post is integrating FontAwesome on watchkit extension target. Font Awesome gives you scalable vector icons. This font has many advantages. First, a would dare to say that you will find the icon that you were looking for in its catalog. Second, that if you do not need more than one color, instead of placing an image resource you will be placing a character. Could y0u  figure it out how much space are you saving up?. And third, that you will not have problem on scaling because it is a vector image.

The base project

For setup the base project just follow the instructions from a previous post. You have to add the 3 necessary files for integrating font awesome, at the end of this post you will find the link to the project on GitHub.

Integrating FontAwesome on watchkit


And be sure that NSString+FontAwesome.m file is ready for the following targets.



For both targets, be sure that:

1. In project properties>watchkitFontAweSome extension>BuildPhases>Copy Bundle Resources is included FontAwesome.ttf.



2. Add the following key array in the Info.plist file:

Fonts provided by application > Item 0 String FontAwesome.ttf



You could also edit the source code and add the following xml snippet:

 Repeat the two steps for the other target.

Let’s code

Add a text label in the storyboard where we will print some icon with the new font:



Link the label to an IBOutlet in InterfaceController.m


Add the following snippet for adding some text to the label:

In my case I have decided to put it on the willActivate method from InterfaceController.m. Basically what I am doing here is setting an attributed text, where fa-cloud-upload is the name of the icon that I am interested in showing. Finally, I am setting FontAwesome for the first character of the string, the rest of the string is presented with the default font.

Run the target extension.




If you did not missed any step you should have to see the following in the simulator:


As you can see the fa-cloud-upload symbol has been shown at the beginning of the text. You can also download this project from Github.

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